Detroit Jazz Ensemble Tee Shirt

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The story behind Wayne and this shirt:

"I was the original guitarist for was (not was) and, in 1979, i traveled to Los Angeles with them to film a music video for this new tv channel called MTV. The shoot was out in the San Fernando valley and we had all manner of assistants and technicians helping out. This attractive (and unidentified for her own protection) young woman was our stylist. She and i had a hot but unconsummated thing going on during the shoot. She had a boyfriend (a musician, naturally) and didn't want to cross the rubicon. frustrating, but fun. In 1978, while on a furlough from federal prison, I bought this shirt from trumpeter Marcus Belgrave. Marcus was on the street outside a jazz club called Cobb's corner at 2am in my hometown of Detroit, hence Detroit Jazz Ensemble."

Worn Free T-shirts are fully licensed, endorsed and made from the softest, prewashed and shrunk cotton jesery. They faithfully reproduce the original articles as tracked down by Worn Free from archive images.

Guitar not included.